Seohan Group

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  • Korea Flange

    Established in 1974, Korea Flange has grown into a world-class auto parts and free forging company based on state-of-the-art equipment, continuous research and development, and a strict quality assurance system.
    In Korea's great history of industrialization, Korea Flange has always been where automobiles go and large plants and ships are built.
    Today, Korea Flange is growing into a global company beyond Korea by providing the best quality and services and management focused on customer satisfaction. Korea Flange is moving as a global leader pioneering in a new future through creative innovation and challenges.
    • Automobile Parts
    • Forged Products
    • Flange
    • Industrial Machinery

    Main Phone Number : +82-52-233-5511

    Address : (44007) 2 Mipo 1-gil, Dong-gu, Ulsan

  • Seohan Industries

    Established in 1996, Seohan Group is supplying outstanding products and the best services to not only global automobile companies such as GM and Ford, but also to emerging automobile makers in China, Turkey, and countries in Europe.
    Also, Seohan Industries has world-class technologies due to our role as Korea's first developer and producer of core auto parts that Korean companies used to depend on imports, such as the cross groove joints. Additionally, we are growing into a world-class automobile parts enterprise as we see major growth of 100% or higher every year since our establishment due to us securing our self-developed technology and establishing an efficient production system.
    Seohan Industries will never stop our efforts to reach out to the world.
    • Chassis
    • Driveline

    Main Phone Number : +82-43-530-3000

    Address : (27856) 95-13 Insik-ro, Deoksan-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

  • Kamtec

    Kamtec, established in 2001 at the dawn of the 21st century, is producing cutting-edge auto parts using eco-friendly electrical and electronic technology. Our goal at Kamtec is to produce self-developed automobile exhaust gas reduction and high-efficiency engine control parts with 0% defect rates based on our perfect technology, and to not only be recognized for our quality and performance in Korea but also around the world. We at Kamtec are also doing our best to secure new technologies in future mobility fields, such as electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to respond to the issue of global warming caused by fossil fuels.
    Kamtec's efforts to develop eco-friendly cars for the future continues.
    • EGR Valve
    • Actuator Pump
    • Solenoid Valve
    • xEV

    Main Phone Number : +82-43-536-7500

    Address : (27818) 15 Godeung 2-gil, Iwol-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

  • Seohan Globiz

    Seohan Globiz, which serves as a driving force for Korea's trade and overseas investment, is using the Global Business Network based on IT infrastructure to conduct businesses in various fields such as international trade and overseas investment.
    In addition, based on the Global Network, we will play a strong role as a partner for future exports through overseas marketing know-how, internationalized trade professionals, and a rich domestic and foreign sales base.
    We will be a partner for global management in the 21st century.
    • Trading
    • Global market analysis and sales

    Main Phone Number : +82-2-3701-3054

    Address : (13183) 4F Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Bidg, 163, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Emtes

    At Emtes, we recognize the needs of the environment and safety. We produce engine control components for cars that reduce harmful substances in exhaust gas be recirculating the exhaust gas.
    Also, we are contributing greatly to the development of the domestic automotive industry by maintaining partnerships and conducting joint development with leading domestic parts manufacturers in the environment and safety fields.
    We will continue to grow as a superior company that provides customer satisfaction through continuous cost structure and quality improvements.
    • Socket
    • Housing
    • Valve

    Main Phone Number : +82-31-495-6996

    Address : (15597) 116-16 Byeolmang-ro 459beon-gil, Dawon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • Seohan Warner

    Seohan Warner is a joint venture with the world-class turbocharger manufacturer, BorgWarner. We produce turbochargers, which are core components to maximizing the efficiency of the heart of automobiles, the engines.
    Seohan Warner's turbocharger technology is an assembly of ultra-precise modern science that does not allow an error of less than 0.001%. Our production technology and quality level is widely recognized as our parts not only supply Hyundai and Kia, but also overseas automakers in Germany and Japan.
    Seohan Warner is preparing for a tomorrow with 0% exhaust gas and complete combustion that nobody has ever dreamed of before.
    • Turbocharger

    Main Phone Number : +82-31-680-3000

    Address : (17792) 63 Hansan-gil, Cheongbuk-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • SNB

    SNB is moving forward with the goal to become a world-class automotive disk specialist with global competitiveness. In addition, we are constantly striving for the best products, the best quality, and the best technology, inheriting Seohan Group's spirit of "serving the country with technology." We will be the top regarded companies by achieving growth without fear of changes and challenges along with efforts to develop innovative technologies in consideration of safety and performance in line with the direction of automobile development. Aiming to become a global auto parts company, we will contribute to the sustainable development of our customers and the company with its soundness that fulfills environmental, safety, and social responsibilities. SNB is a company specializing in automotive disks with global competitiveness that grows together with the development of automobiles.
    • F/Disc
    • R/Disc
    • H/Disc

    Main Phone Number : +82-54-750-8000~8001

    Address : (38054) 173-49, Yongmyeonggongdan-gil, Geoncheon-eup, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

  • AMG

    Established in 2013, Autometal Global is a composite (hot/cold) forging company that produces forged half shaft outer races. We are equipped with a batch production line of 2000 ton hot forging press and 630 ton cold forging press and produce and supply about 7,000 tons of forged products per year. We have secured our own mold design technology and are even mass-producing HLSJ 109 outer race, and we will grow into a company specializing in composite forging in the future.
    • Halfshaft outer races parts (HLSJ, LSJ, BJ)

    Main Phone Number : +82-70-4946-6564

    Address : (38032) 115-35, Moseobyeolbong-gil, Gangdong-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

  • Seohan Auto USA / Seohan NTN USA

    Seohan Auto USA and Seohan NTN USA are Seohan Group's first steps into the US market, the world's largest automotive market, and important steps to further dominate the global market. With state-of-the-art factories and excellent facilities, we are solidifying our position as a global company with perfect quality and performance that surpasses other global auto parts manufacturers. We are continuing from Korea to the United States, and from the United States to the world.
    • F/Axle & Brake Complete
    • R/Axle & Brake Complete

    Main Phone Number : +1-334-750-9374

    Address : 246 Teague Court, Auburn, AL 36830, U.S.A.

  • Beijing Seohan

    Beijing Seohan was established in 2003 for the Chinese market, which is today's battleground for the global automotive market.
    With over 40 years of experience and expertise in auto parts and forging technology, we are conquering the Chinese market
    and leaping forward as an ultra-premium global company leading the global auto parts industry.
    Please observe as Beijing Seohan competes with the world's best in the giant market of China.
    • Halfshaft

    Main Phone Number : +86-10-6950-7292

    Address : Tongzhou District, Bejing China

  • Seohan Auto Mexico

    Mexico is quickly emerging as a global hub for automobile production and sales.
    Seohan Auto Mexico is an auto parts company established as a foothold not only into Mexico but also the Americas, and we strive for customer satisfaction and the highest quality.
    The challenge to be the world's best starts here in Mexico.
    • F/Axle
    • R/Axle

    Main Phone Number : +52-81-8647-7039

    Address : Guadalupe, NL, Mexico

  • Zhangjiagang Kamtec

    Zhangjiagang Kamtec develops, produces, and supplies DC motor drive control actuators, EGR valves, and DCVs in order to satisfy environmental regulations that are being tightened around the world.
    In the future, we will spread out into the world based on the growing demands of the Chinese market.
    • ETA
    • EGR Valve
    • DCV

    Main Phone Number : +86-512-8883-6680

    Address : Jiangsu, China

  • Kamtec Auto Romania

    Kamtec Auto Romania is start of global Kamtec to dominate the European automotive market.
    Based on Kamtec's excellent technologies and global quality system, we will create new value and establish ourselves as a first-class company that is trusted by our customers.
    Even in Europe, the Kamtec brand boasts of the best products.
    • EGR Valve
    • ERCV

    Main Phone Number : 070-4010-4423(0568)

    Address : Prahova, Romania